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This book is a bold presentation of God’s multi-faceted wisdom and perspective.  It touches on subjects not often addressed in the church in the areas of deliverance, healing, and sanctification. It is time to adjust your lens to see and be liberated from demonic strongholds that plaque your life and for the tearing down of principalities and powers in heavenly places.  Get ready for your faith to explode as you read cutting-edge teaching from the word of God and powerful testimonies of those who have been delivered and set free!

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Scriptamins adds a new dimension to the term devotional or Bible study; it is an interactive collection of scriptural confessions, designed to be verbally declared by the reader. The effect is a powerful combination of spirit-building faith and increased relational intimacy with God, resulting in a healthy lifestyle for both soul and body. Hebrew word roots are sprinkled throughout the book to help discover the wondrous treasures found in Scripture

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